We've developed a strategic approach that simplifies the Mykonos wedding planning journey by breaking it down into organic phases.

Our goal at Dream weddings Mykonos is to fulfill your needs while staying within your budget. Our planning steps are designed in a way to ensure that our busy couples can focus on the enjoyable and glamorous aspects of the planning journey, such as tastings, designs, mock-ups, and beauty trials, while we take care of the nitty-gritty details. We believe that every step should be a delightful and memorable experience, and our structured approach aims to do just that.

Here's how our wedding planning process unfolds:

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•    Initial Consultation: We begin by gathering detailed information from the couple about the services they'll need.
•    Personalization Guidance: Next, we offer advice on how to personalize your wedding to make it uniquely yours.
•    Service Estimation: We estimate the full range of services you'll require for your special day.
•    Detailed Information: We provide you with comprehensive, user-friendly information about each requested service through customized presentations.

•    Price Ranges: We explain the price ranges for all requested services to give you a clear picture.
•    Service Pricing: We work on pricing for each service, ensuring it aligns with your budget.
•    Budget Estimation: Together, we estimate the final budget for your wedding.
•    Service Details: We delve into the specifics of all the selected services.
•    Connecting with Associates: We connect you directly with our trusted associates who can bring your vision to life.
•    Service Finalization: We finalize the selected services and associates to ensure everything is in place.
•    Booking and Payments: We facilitate the booking process, including deposits and payment arrangements.

•    Wedding Day Schedule: We create a detailed timetable for your wedding day to ensure smooth coordination.
•    On-Site Coordination: Our wedding planner will be present on the big day to oversee everything.
•    Vendor Coordination: We coordinate with all associates and vendors based on your agreed-upon plan.
•    Delivery Follow-Up: After the wedding, we follow up on the delivery of photos, videos, and marriage certificates to ensure everything is in order.

To ensure a flawless Luxury Mykonos wedding, it's essential to engage a professional Mykonos wedding planner who can guide you through the wedding planning steps
Your wedding journey is as unique as your love story, and our customized approach ensures that every detail reflects your individuality and vision.

Make the first step into your Mykonos wedding planning journey by completing our wedding checklist and share your wedding vision with us.

Our Mykonos wedding planners will then contact you in odrer to consult you according to your personalized request and we can then, step-be-step, start planning your dream wedding in Mykonos together!

 Mykonos wedding collage from a wedding planned by Dream Weddings Mykonos, showing a decorated chapel door and a groom getting ready